Braintree Canoeing Club at Colchester Weir (3rd October 2020)

Since our club reopening on the 1st September (due to the Covid-19 outbreak in March) and following our offering of weekly Open Water lake sessions (TriFarm, Boreham) aimed at building up confidence, paddling skills and stamina after ‘Lockdown’, our members we’re now offered the opportunity to finally get back on to moving water with our clubs first ever session to the Colchester Weir.

On arrival it was raining, but for our members... ‘water’ has never been a  deterrent for participating, so we got changed (quickly) and met up with the two pre-booked coaches (Rick and Liam) who were leading the group for the morning. The short paddle to the weir became the mandatory ‘warm up’ before ‘shooting the double drop weir’, ‘ducking’ half way down so as not to hit one’s head on the low pedestrian bridge. The advanced warning from the coaches was very much appreciated.

On arriving in the bottom pool, it was obvious that we had now disturbed the residential paddlers, but fortunately for us, they didn’t seem to mind our presence too much as they gracefully paddled off to the far side of the pool and watched from a distance for the next couple of hours.

With the recent persistent rain, the river level was high so the flow from the weir was good, allowing all paddlers plenty of play and surf time. 

The coaches spent time with all paddlers and led by example by demonstrating maneuvers, providing valuable tips, advice and encouragement, with a few new skills being taught.

Although the rain stopped whilst we were playing on the weir we all still managed to get wet with one paddler enjoying the session so much…. HE WENT FOR A SWIM!!!

As the session came to a close, we all paddled back, wading through the reeds, finally returning to the launch point, where we cleaned and hosed down all our equipment. Once changed, Sara had kindly arranged drinks and cakes whilst we all ‘hung around’ chatting about the fun session we all had just had.

A ‘BIG THANK YOU’ goes out to Colchester Canoe Club for allowing us access to the Weir, Coaches (Rick and Liam) for their time and to Sara for organising and making this session possible.

With the positive feedback received so far we hope to be back at the weir very soon. 

Definitely.. ‘Happy Paddling!’

Here are some of the photos from a morning of fun. See Facebook for more photos!

Colchester Weir