TriFarm Paddle Report : Sun 4 October

"It was Sunday 09.00am, it was COLD (9C), it was WET, MUDDY and the WIND was blowing around 17mph, it had been PERSISTENTLY raining for the past couple of days, and for most of our members it was their usual day off to spend with their families, but yet... 16 members STILL turned up at the TriFarm Open Water Lake, with 6 attendees being children!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! How’s that for commitment?"

This was our first 2hr session at the new time of 09.30 (alternate Sun / Sat throughout October) at TriFarm. It was great to see so much activity on the lake including the open water swimmers on their short course.

Once on the water we all began to warm up and the fun started, smiles appearing on the paddlers faces….. admittedly more the children, than the adults. Afterwards, we had our weekly gathering at the onsite 'Snack Shack' for hot drinks and CAKE! 
A big ‘WELL DONE’ to the six children who attended, especially Amy for doing her first capsize and learning to paddle for the first time, and to both Chloe and Faith for coming back for their second session. Milo, Dillan and Finlay all offered support and encouragement during the session. As we move closer towards winter it wouldn’t be a surprise if, in the coming weeks we’ll see more children attending than adults???


Overall, another fun and worthwhile session at the Trifarm Open Water Lake . Thanks to all who attended and also to Paul and Charles for providing Safety Support (Landside and On the Water).


Put ‘Wet Gear’ on the top of your Christmas list and send it to Santa ASAP! Considering the current Covid-19 restrictions, there’s a good chance he’ll be delivering presents early this year, then you too, could join us before the big day! :) 

“It’s your club… be part of it (all year round)’