Annual Membership

The Club's annual membership is paid in January, as detailed below.

  • Individual Membership (must be over the age of 18). £28.00 p.a.

  • Limited Family Membership – covers include an individual member and either their spouse or one child under the age of 18 or in full-time education. £44.00 p.a.

  • Family Membership – covers an individual member and their spouse and/or children under the age of 18 or in full-time education. £60.00 p.a.


For new members only (not for renewals), membership fees will be calculated pro-rata quarterly, with the new members paying ¾ of the annual fees if joining in April or after, or ½ of the annual fees if joining in July or after, or ¼ the annual fees if joining in October or after.

Temporary Membership

For all newcomers and people wishing to try the sport, a £3 temporary membership is required to cover BC insurance; this applies both for adults

and children – this covers the individual for 1 week (i.e. 7 days, typically Saturday to Friday); this is not redeemable off the cost of the annual membership.

Pool Fees

Pool session fees are also required, to cover pool costs and other expenditure:

  • Adult £5 a session or Standing Order (S/O) £15 a month for the whole year

  • Junior £3 a session or S/O £9 a month for the whole year

  • S/O will allow members to take part in all sessions in a month, Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings

  • S/O will not be allowed to stop and start as the cost is spread across the year

  • S/O date will be 28th of the Month

Braintree District, UK

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