Pool Sessions

Two pool sessions are provided at the Braintree Swimming & Fitness Centre, Freeport, Essex.  Book Here


​Saturday morning (general training, open to all) 7:45am - 8:45 am

The Saturday morning sessions have a pool Rota with nominated individuals to oversee the session, collect fees and act as a point of contact for new members. You must be a Club member to take part but can join on the day - see Joining.

The session is for club members to use as they wish. It is a great place to practice capsize drill, rolling and gaining water confidence, in the warmth and safety of the pool before venturing outside. Although some members bring their own boats into the pool, which must be clean, the Club provides kayaks, paddles and spray decks to use in the pool; all you need is your swim wear, a T-shirt and a towel. New members will always find experienced members on hand who are ready to pass on their skills.

​For further information contact info@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk or speak to someone at the pool on Saturday morning.

Wednesday evening (canoe polo) 8:30pm - 10:00pm

This session is open to members who wish to learn or enhance their canoe polo skills. The club provides all equipment needed for Wednesday practice sessions.

By coming along to practice you are not committing to play for a team; some club members use the  Wednesday evening sessions to keep fit and improve paddling skills for other canoeing activities.

All club members are welcome to attend Wednesday evenings 8:30pm – 10:00pm although you will need to develop a reasonable level of skill before taking part.

It is essential that any club member wanting to take part in the Wednesday Canoe Polo session must attend at least 1 Saturday pool training session before attending a Wednesday polo session or be able to prove their competence.  This is to ensure the club member is able to participate in this fast action sport.

Canoe Polo

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