New boats - FREE!

October 14, 2018

Now that we've got your attention with "free boats" . . .


The Club has just acquired two surf kayaks that are available for Club members to use - free of charge!


The first is a Mega X-Ray - suitable for the lighter paddler - from Mega's website -

"Based upon the Awesome "Revenge" Composite surf kayak the X-Ray PE has been tweaked and scaled up for production in High density polyethylene to produce a truly superb Hard Core Surf Kayak. This is a no compromise machine, hard rails and razor sharp secondary release rail. With virtually no hull flex the performance of the polyethelene X-Ray is comparable with that of its composite roots the "Revenge". Significant entry rocker allows for those super late ,steep takeoffs and the low volume ends allow for rodeo style transitional moves. For a small kayak there is a surprising amount of room, 6 footers should have no problem getting in and carrying capacity is around 185lbs (80kgs) "


The second is a Mega Maverick which should accomodate the larger paddlers -

"Based upon the amazing Intruder and Mustang the Mavericks performance is astounding. Fast, tight carving turns with great dive back up the face of the wave. Designed very much along the lines of modern wave ski hulls the Maverick turns very much "Off the Tail" making incredibly tight cut backs and lip turns. Down the line speed is awesome! There's plenty of room and flotation for bigger guys 6'3" is no problem! Recent test pilot weighed in at 230lbs, (100kgs)"


As usual, all Club equipment is to be booked out through the Equipment Officer, contact on


Hope you have fun with them!


Kevin D

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