The 2019 Cambridge Backs 'PIMP UP YOUR KAYAK' Christmas Paddle

December 2, 2019

SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER - A Day to Remember!


Yes folks!, that time of the year is fast approaching when you can now start thinking about 'Pimping up your kayak' for this years Cambridge Backs Christmas Paddle, and this year with your help, we aim to make it our BEST ONE YET!  "Ding-Dong!"


So, whether you love a 'bit of tinsel', a couple of funny shaped baubles or you simply like dressing up in a BIG RED OUTFIT (... or all of the above), now is the time to start pimping up your kayak.


With only 10 days before Christmas, Cambridge will be filled with Christmas Shoppers and the usual high numbers of tourists from all around the world... so when a boat load of seasonally dressed up kayakers come meandering along  the River Cam (where seven swans a-swimming) and paddling through the Cambridge Backs this is our one chance of the year when Braintree Canoeing Club could start trending or even go VIRAL???   Ho,Ho,Ho!   





Arrival Time   : 9.00/15 am

On the water : 10.00 am

Finish Time: approx 3.30pm


Meeting Point: Byron's Pool, 3 Woodend, Cambridge CB2 9LJ. 


(This car park does have a height restriction so be warned as you may have to remove your kayak(s) before entering).


Distance / Time: Approx. 4 miles (1.5/2.0 hrs paddling time) each way.


Trip Coordinator: Andy Dronsfield

This is a flat water paddle that is aimed at those paddlers who are keen to get into the Christmas Spirit.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All under 18 year old's must be accompanied by a parent / responsible adult. This appointed person must bring along their completed 'Responsible Adult' form and hand it to the trip coordinator. (Click the link or visit the BCC website for further details).


Equipment: Suitable Kayak (for flat water paddling), Buoyancy Aid / PFD, appropriate  waterproof clothing (e.g Cag / Dry Cag / Dry Suit), waterproof trousers, suitable footwear, hat, rash vest(s) / socks (thermal), dry bag (to include additional layers if necessary) to prevent a Red Nose.


Anyone wishing to borrow any club equipment for this paddle then please email the BCC Equipment Officer (Kevin) at; 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Like every paddle, in preparation it's always advisable to note the weather conditions / forecast.


If the weather on the day happens to be severe then there is a chance that this paddle could postponed until Saturday 21st Dec. Either way, we are keen to celebrate Christmas on the river.


Refreshments: Please bring with you light refreshments / snacks / drinks (hot), and some figgy pudding (plus bacterial hand gel) as there will be a planned lunch stop for approx. 30-45 mins at (Baby) Jesus Green


Additional Bits: Tinsel, baubles, Santa hats, seasonal inflatables, Mince pies, Rudolf!, Bells and whistles, Christmas Carols, and glow sticks!    


So, note the date and start planning now and we look forward to seeing you in Cambridge! 


Any members requiring any further information please contact the Trip Coordinator. 


Happy Paddling (and Merry Christmas!)



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