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April 20, 2020





"Have you joined yet?"




Did you know that Braintree Canoeing Club have a number of 'WhatsApp' Groups for BCC Members to join?


'WhatsApp' Groups and Administrators:

  • BCC 'Chit Chat' - Andy Dronsfield

  • BCC White Water - Kevin Dudley

  • BCC River Touring - Andy Dronsfield

  • BCC Canoe Polo - Damon Grigg

  • BCC Sea Kaying - Dave Puttick

  • BCC Surf Group - Ricky Robinson

  • BCC Buy and Sell - Kevin Dudley

  • BCC Saturday Pool Sessions - Andy Dronsfield

The aim is for individual members to communicate between themselves about topics relevant to the particular group that they have decided to join. 


However, we don't wish for these groups to become irrelevant and full of general 'chit chat', so subject content will be monitored by the Group Administrator.  


Simply download the 'WhatsApp' app on to a device(s) of your choice and then contact the relevant Group Administrator (or email and provide them with your mobile phone number so that you can be added to the Group(s) of your choice, then simply get involved!


By joining a BCC 'WhatsApp' Groups, you agree to;

1. Being a current and 'paid up' member of Braintree Canoeing Club.

2. Provide and expose your mobile telephone number to other members within your chosen group(s).

2. Conduct yourself in a manner that is polite and courteous at all times.

3. Never use any offence language or gestures.


Termination / Leaving a Group
1. Any member can leave any BCC 'WhatsApp Group' at anytime. Simply deselect, delete or remove your details yourself by using 'WhatsApp'. The Group Administrator doesn't need to be informed. 

2. Any Non BCC members will be immediately removed from the Group.     

3. Any Group Member found not to be adhering to the terms then the Group Administrator can choose to block or remove a particular member from participating any further within that group with immediate effect.  


Join a BCC 'WhatsApp' Group today and get involved!


"It's your club, be part of it."


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