"Time on your hands?"

May 13, 2020



From the outside things might look a little quiet right now, but on the inside we have a lot going on... and a little additional help would make a big difference.




Currently the committee are looking to appoint a permanent Club Secretary as well as inviting 1 or 2 volunteers to work with the Chair in creating a new Club Social Team (now there's an interesting thought).... and we were wondering if you had a spare couple of hours a month to help us? 


So, now that your home has been de-junked, the decorating has been done and there's still no flour to bake with, why not drop us an email to let us know that you're intrigued to learn more? 


Just a handful of hours a month and some enthusiasm is all we need, the rest we can work with.


We have the club and the club has the members, now we just need a couple more volunteers to come forward to help out? 


Please email chairman@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk​ for further details and information.


So, don't be shy and no pressure, we'll give you time to think, but remember we're also keen to keep things moving forward so a response by 31st May would be appreciated. 


It's your club, be part of it!

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May 21, 2020

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